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21-May-2008, 08:29
I have some questions on lens for an 8x20 camera. It's kind of interesting that most of the entries for things 8x20 are 3 or 4 years old or more. But in the spirit of these forums I'm throwing this out there.

At one point I had both a 14 in Berlin Dagor and 16 1/2 in Dagor. Unfortunately they were both were destroyed in a studio fire. They were wonderful lens. Since then I've accumulated 3 new/old lens. My problem is that I'm building the camera and can't test the lens or even check them out on the ground glass.

I'd be interested in anyone's opinions or experiance ( covering power, sharpness on an 8x20 ) on the following lens:

450mm Apo Tessar

19 in Red Dot Artar

Bausch & Lomb Protar VII w/ 19in and 23 1/2 in cells

Thanks for your attention. Oh yes, if you have a spare 16 1/2 in Dagor that you want to get rid of ...........

erie patsellis
21-May-2008, 09:45
19" artar should, it illuminates my 16x20 easily.

another lens or two to think about is a 360 componon or symmar (the componons can be had at nearly giveaway prices.) and a 21 1/2" ektar.


Jim Noel
21-May-2008, 10:45
The Artar, definitely not the Tessar