View Full Version : Difference between Velvia 100 and 100F?

21-May-2008, 05:15
Can someone explain (to a film newbie) the difference between Velvia 100 and Velvia 100F?


Scott Kathe
21-May-2008, 05:47
To my eye the Velvia 100F isn't nearly as saturated as Velvia 100 so the colors aren't as vibrant. Some people who prefer the bold, intense, and somewhat misleading colors of Velvia 100 (and Velvia 50) dislike Velvia 100F. You can take a look at this if you would like: http://www.naturephotographers.net/articles0803/gt0803-1.html


ps It can be very difficult to pull detail out of the shadows with a scan from a consumer flatbed scanner with images shot on Velvia.

eric black
21-May-2008, 06:04
Velvia 100 shoots reds and pinks like they are on steroids- I find it appealing personally for amping up desert sunrise/sunset shots and used quite a bit of it to get the red reflections on granite to pop on a recent trip to Patagonia. On a drum scanner with a well executed scan, the shadow detail isnt as much of a problem as is reported with flatbed scanners in my experience.

neil poulsen
22-May-2008, 05:05
Response Posted by Walter Callahan on May 21, 2008:

"Velvia 100 is more vivid than Velvia 100F and as vivid as ISO 50 Velvia."


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