View Full Version : Help? Lens boards for Schneider lenses

Mike Rolfe
21-May-2008, 04:13
I'm trying to find the correct lens board for a
Chamonix 45N-1 camera and the Schneider 150/256 and 90mm lenses.

Midwest Photo Exchange advised me that I should get the Toyo Technika #0
but neither board fits the lens so I'll have to send them back.

The hole is too big fot the 90mm lens and slightly too small for the 150/256mm lens.

Any ideas??



Ole Tjugen
21-May-2008, 04:40
The only 150/256mm lens is a Symmar f:5.6 convertible, which is in a #1 shutter. So the hole needs to be a little bit bigger than for a #0.

Since the #0 hole is too big for your 90mm, I assume you have an old(ish) 90mm f:8 Super Angulon. Those are often in #00 shutters, rarely in #0. so you need a board with a much smaller hole.

If you specify not only focal lengths but also which type of lens, it is much easier to give correct answers!