View Full Version : FP100C question

20-May-2008, 20:55
not sure if this is the right place to post this..... but just asking a question. I got the Fuji P45 holder today which was loaded with a pack of Fuji FP100C film which I believe is a bit outdated.

Grey's ended uo having a purple tint in the image I took today... and wondering if that is the nature of the film, or because the film is expired. I've put the other boxes of film I got in the fridge... as they too are expired, but wondering what would case the purple tint.

Dave Parker
21-May-2008, 07:03
FP100C does weird things depending on how far out of date it is, fresh FP100C has always been a good performer for me, but if stored improperly, or out of date, I have had issues with color shift and such. Sounds like the film you got in the holder, may have a combination of problems with outdated as well as improper storage, heat has caused my shots to go purple in areas in the past.


21-May-2008, 11:40
thanks... I figured it was probably due to the film being expired, and possibly not refridgerated. Hopefully the other packs will not have the same effect.

22-May-2008, 08:50
I've experienced the same with FP100c45 expiry 2004. Then again I haven't experienced it with more than one pack, and I have about 10 packs from that expiry!