View Full Version : A brown box arrived today...

20-May-2008, 14:07
Sorry, not a chamonix. (alternate subject: "Just call me a cheap Muybridge")

Got me one of these (http://www.vintagephoto.tv/graphcheck.shtml) Graph-Check Sequence cameras.

This website says there's a model 300 and a model 400, but the plaque on mine says it is a model 400A - which sorta complicates things.

Anyway, since the handle has no connection for a flash so I'm guessing it is meant for outdoor use like the model 300 -- in which case the shutter speed is fixed in 1/1000 sec and aperture ranges of f/16, 26 and 45 with a 50mm focal length and dof 3/5 ft to infinity ... If it is the outdoor variety, otherwise I have no idea and will have to use my shutterspeed tester.

No sure what I'm going to do with it. The polaroid back is of course useless but it does take a regular 4x5 double dark. It'll be fun to play with at least. :p

SO, anyone have a manual? I'd really like to know what the little red and white dot on the face mean.

Darryl Baird
20-May-2008, 15:01
wow, that is so cool... where did you get it from?

Tim k
20-May-2008, 15:13
Dont you just love the brown box guy?

20-May-2008, 18:32
wow, that is so cool... where did you get it from?

One of my friends saw it in a local thrift shop