View Full Version : question about pinhole's

Clay Turtle
20-May-2008, 09:56
Just a quick question for those printing (enlarging) those negatives from pin hole cameras. What lens do you use on the enlarger?

20-May-2008, 10:04
Same geometric issues as lensed negs, say 8x10 probably use 250 mm or longer.

If you're enlarging only a portion of the neg, shorter would work.

Unless you LIKE enhanced blur, not much enlargement is possible, as the pinhole negative already starts out with a resolution handicap...ballpark 3-4 lp/mm max, less than assumed necessary for normal lens work.

Then there is a guy who does 32x40 enlargements from his 35mm pinhole negs and likes them...I guess it depends on what the goal is...

Walter Calahan
20-May-2008, 10:32
Whatever format film you are using with your pinhole camera, measure the diagonal of the film, and that the focal length of your enlarger lens, approximately.