View Full Version : 5x7 linhof technica back problem

19-May-2008, 13:07
no i don't have a sore back from lifting this camera, (joke)
i bought a 4x5 reducing back for my linhof 5x7 technica and tried to
put a 4x5 poloroid holder in it. the back won't close or seal all the way.
it will close with regular film holders. it is the lump on the poloroid holder that causes it not to close.
my question is why would linoff put out a back that would not fit a poloroid holder?
does it need a spacer? i use fuji qickload exclusively and if i can't find out how to fix this. i guess i have to get rid of this beautiful camera. any interest?

Ole Tjugen
19-May-2008, 13:13
That's a known problem...

But if you use Fuji quickloads, the solution is simple: Get a Fuji holder. That doesn't have the "lump" that the polariod holder needs for the processing, and using quickloads you don't need the processing...

Bob Salomon
19-May-2008, 14:04
Which 5x7 Technika do you have? Many wee made before there was a Polaroid holder.

Linhof made two different 5x7 to 4x5 reducing frames for the Super Technika V 5x7 camera. One was the 001606 which converted the camera to 4x5 with the 4x5 Universal back 001614 and the Linhof Rapid Change Adapter Slide. This is apparently the adapter that you have.

The other was the 001607 reducing frame for use when using the 545 Polaroid sheet film holder. It required the 001614 Universal back as well. This apparently is the adapter that you do need and don't have. That is why you are experiencing a problem with the Polaroid back.

Linhof also made a reducing adapter to put the 545 Polaroid holder directly into the 5x7 backs with no need for the reducing back. It was item 001558.

All of these reducers and adapters, except for the 001614, are long out of production.

19-May-2008, 14:35
I have the (I think) 001607 reducing frame, at least it is made to use a polaroid holder directly in a 5x7 back. PM me if you are interested in purchasing it.