View Full Version : Drying Fibre-based prints with a clothes iron?

Wolf Z.
16-Jan-2001, 11:41

Short of using a dedicated FB print dryer, is it possible to dry and glaze an FB print by sandwiching it between a clean chromium metal sheet and a canvas apron and then ironing it with a clothes iron?

Please advise. Merci.

William Leviit
16-Jan-2001, 12:52
You will find that by placing the prints face down on the chrome sheets and insuring good contact by using a print roller, you will get a glossy finish by merely allowing them to air dry.

I've never tried the clothes iron thing, but it sounds possible.

andrea milano
16-Jan-2001, 19:29
Air drying is very good but space consuming, a FB dryer a press is a good solution surely better than your Iron but you need a good machine (Buscher for example) , terribly expensive new , sometimes very cheap second hand, mine was $50! buy with a thermostatic control. greetings.