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19-May-2008, 09:51
Hi, has anyone had any experience with Rollei R3, particularly using it at 25 ISO and Rollei low speed developer?

I quite like the idea of a film with such a wide ISO range, but it'd be good to hear some feedback on it before I purchase some as it's quite expensive to get as an experiment.

Pete Watkins
19-May-2008, 23:07
It is expensive but I was more than satisfied with the stuff. I only exposed it at 200 asa (or whatever it's called this week) and I developed it in an old pack of Perceptol I had laying around. A great film except for the price.

Amund BLix Aaeng
21-May-2008, 08:38
I have tried it in 35mm and 120, with D76 and XTOL. Just horrible IMO, ugliest grain I`ve seen and I didn`t like the tonality either. It`s supposed to be good with the Rollei developer, but I don`t want to waste money on a film that doesn`t work with a standard developer.

26-May-2008, 05:10
The problem with developers is R3:s special structure with 3 layers. Those who have tried it in Rollei´s developer, or Promicrol (for example) liked it very much. Those trying D-76 will most likely be disappointed. There are good reviews in german language which shows that it is in the same class as HP5 on high-speed range (actually better above 400 ISO) and at least in the same class as Pan F+ or Efke 25 in the low speed range. It is best around 50 or 400 ISO.

Daniel Forsman

26-May-2008, 06:05
Thanks for your thoughts - it's obviously a film that needs careful processing to get good results. I'm sure the only way to find out is to get hold of some and give it a go, I'll maybe get some as part of my next order and try out in Rollei developer.

Pete Watkins
26-May-2008, 11:51
Like I said, 200asa in Perceptol stock. Fantastic!!!