View Full Version : Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/8 Lens Purchase

19-May-2008, 09:07
I need some help/opinions.

I have been wanting to buy a 90mm lens and now have an opportunity. The lens I am looking at buying was made in the mid 1960's. It is silver on the outside. It looks like I might be able to get it pretty cheap. This would be my wide angle lens for my 4x5. It has a synchro-compur shutter.

Would this be a good purchase or should I keep looking? I have been looking to get a Schneider lens.


Brian Ellis
19-May-2008, 09:33
If it's in good condition it should be fine. If it's mid-1960s it's probably single coated (as opposed to multi-coated) if that's important to you. It never has been to me but some people think it's important. If it's multi-coated it will say so on the rim of the lens. If it doesn't say "multicoating" there then it's single coated. That's also likely the original shutter so you should be sure it works properly. The biggest problem with lenses this old often isn't the lens, it's the shutter. You might also look into the f5.6 version of this lens. The difference in size and weight isn't as great as you might think and the 5.6 version has greater coverage and obviously is easier to focus and compose. Of course that version usually sells for more than the f8 version too.

19-May-2008, 13:01
Ok....thank you.

19-May-2008, 14:53
If you are looking for bang for the buck it is probably a good option depending on the price. This is likely the Compur 00 type which means no press focusing (have to lock it open on B). I have one of these and it is good performer, if I was given the option of this or one of the newer Copal 0 versions I would take the new one hands down simply for ease of use (press focusing).

Edit: How cheap is "pretty cheap"? I watched a couple of these go for about $200 each on the bay a month or two ago so I don't know where that figures into the price you are looking at.

erie patsellis
19-May-2008, 15:57
Both of mine say Caltar II-W on them, and came in #0 shutters, one a Seiko and one a Copal (I prefer the Seiko, personally). The Caltar label makes them quite affordable, the only difference is the trim ring with the name on it.


28-May-2008, 14:23

I've got a newer Multicoated version of this lens - Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/8 with perfect glass that I'm trying to get rid of. Contact me off-board if you're interested.