View Full Version : thermometer/stop watch solution for polaroids

scott russell
19-May-2008, 06:39
i have no way of guessing the temperature when it comes to choosing a development time for my polaroids; and after i guess that temperature, i have nothing to time it with short of counting in my head. Has anyone found any cool, small gadgets that will take an ambient temp reading and doubles as a stop watch?

David A. Goldfarb
19-May-2008, 06:49
The Gossen Digisix (and I think also the Digiflash) pocket-sized meter has a timer and temperature reading for just that purpose. Of course it also takes incident and reflected light readings and has a clock with an alarm.

Will Thompson
19-May-2008, 07:05
The 545 Pro holder that you set the film type and it adjusts the built in timer for the temp.



scott russell
19-May-2008, 19:09
What if you were using a back that used pack film?

David A. Goldfarb
19-May-2008, 19:39
The Gossen Digisix has the advantage that it won't become a paperweight when they stop making 4x5" instant sheet film. If it did become a paperweight, it wouldn't be a very good one anyway, because it's too light. My 8x10" Polaroid processor should make an excellent paperweight or even possibly a doorstop.

Jon Wilson
19-May-2008, 22:05
As to timing my type 55 film, I typically let it develop over 60 seconds. I discovered my cell phone when opened goes to a stand by mode after 60 seconds, thus I use my cell phone.....It even works when there are no bars! :)

robert fallis
19-May-2008, 23:38
my tricycle as a thermometer in the digital seedometer, I don't drive a car. and I spent 5 on a cheap stop watch on ebay


Will Thompson
20-May-2008, 00:52
What if you were using a back that used pack film?

I think you could still trigger the back manually, or at least look at the time needed.

A tad bit large tho.

20-May-2008, 11:06
I just use my watch to time it. As for the temp, just check the weather online for your area and use that as an estimation.

Tony Lakin
20-May-2008, 12:07
I carry a Minox monocular which also has clock, stopwatch, temperture and altimeter functions.