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Mark Sloane
18-May-2008, 19:37
I currently own a Sinar F2. Although I love the camera, it is way too cumbersome in the field. It’s my first LF and I probably should have bought a field camera in the first place but here I am with an F2 and 3 lenses.

I would consider keeping the F2 if the field camera I eventually purchase will accept the Sinar lens boards or visa versa. I can’t afford to have two sets of lenses and I don’t like mounting and dismounting lenses from the lens boards.

So…..does anyone have a recommendation on which field camera would accept the Sinar lens boards? Can I purchase an adapter for the Sinar that will accept another size?

If as I suspect there is no economical solution, I will end up selling the F2. I’m looking seriously at the Toyo 45 AX if I can find a used one.

On another topic…… A workshop I attended recommended I view the Charlie Rose / Richard Avedon interview on utube. It was outstanding and I highly recommend it to any Avedon fans. In addition, utube also has a terrific series of short, (4 to 5 min), slide shows of the masters and they are each set to music. It’s called “Masters of Photography”. The Alfred Stieglitz piece is wonderful! For any of you AA fans, there are at least 5 or 6 pieces on him as well.

Thanks for any help with my lens board problem……Mark

MIke Sherck
18-May-2008, 20:12
Contact Richard Ritter for adaptor boards, if you aren't interested in making one yourself (a fairly simple project.) Sinar is, I think, a pretty standard lensboard size and you may find that you don't need an adaptor, depending on what field camera you're interested in.


19-May-2008, 00:06
I standardized on Linhof lensboards. Due to their relatively small size, it's easy to get or make adapter boards for my other cameras.
It also saves a lot of packing space.


David A. Goldfarb
19-May-2008, 04:27
It's fairly easy to find or make lensboard adapters for Sinar to common smaller boards. Sinar-Linhof adapters exist in a variety of designs. Most of my smaller lenses are on Linhof boards and the ones that don't fit a Linhof board are on Sinar boards in general.

Ron Marshall
19-May-2008, 04:35
KEH has a Sinar to Linhof for $69:


Mark Sloane
19-May-2008, 08:04
Thanks guys.....didn't realize there were so many options. I guess I'll keep the Sinar.

19-May-2008, 08:43
Plus some of the bigger cameras come with Sinar to Linhof adapters. So you can use Linhof boards for most things. Sinar boards for big lenses or recessed boards.