View Full Version : Anyone seen this ROC 11x14 holder?

Michael Roberts
18-May-2008, 18:11
I just picked up two ROC 11x14 holders. They both need work--in fact, they need new septums and dark slides.

At first, I wasn't sure these were even film holders because they have no flap at the ends and no film guides on the longer sides.

On closer inspection, I noticed there are grooves on the shorter sides the film can be slipped into if you insert the film into one end, then bow it to slide the other end under.

Also, at first it seemed there were no light traps at the dark slide ends. Again, closer inspection revealed wooden light traps (no felt). Apparently there is a spring under the wooden light trap that allows it to close/open.

The septums are embossed The Premo Camera and an 1890 patent date.

The holders are incredibly light--only 1 lb, 12 oz.

The septums and dark slides seem to be made of a fiber board material that has warped over time, hence the need to replace.

Astonishingly, given the apparent age, the dimensions seem dead on with ANSI standards.

Given the cost of new holders, I'm planning to try to replace the septums and dark slides and restore these holders to usefulness.

Does anyone have experience with holders like these?

Will the film keepers on the short ends hold the film flat?

Any info will be appreciated.


Charles Hohenstein
19-May-2008, 00:14
Is ROC a brand, or are you referring to the Republic of China?

Michael Roberts
19-May-2008, 05:07
Rochester Optical Company

Michael Roberts
19-May-2008, 05:12
Here's a link to info on the Rochester Optical Company

Apparently they applied the Premo name to an English style folding 8x10 and full-plate camera from 1905-1910.