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Corry Paul
18-May-2008, 14:02
As the stock of Polaroid diminishes I am wondering what everyone else is doing. I have not tried the Fuji films and am not certain what film holders to use or even if they fit most 4 X 5 backs. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards - CP

robert fallis
18-May-2008, 14:08
Fuji film is good, the 5x4 back is poloroid 550. which will fit most 5x4 back, but there is another polaroid back which gives a slightly smaller print but also fits a 5x4 back, make sure you get the film to match the back as there not interchangable


Corry Paul
18-May-2008, 14:30
Thanks for that. Do you know the other film pack and/or what Fuji film to purchase. - CP

Corry Paul
18-May-2008, 14:38
Actually I followed a few other links on this sight and found the info needed. THIS SIGHT IS AMAZING - Thank you to all who contribute so much time and information -CP

18-May-2008, 18:07
I just went through finding a Polaroid 550 / Fuji PA-45 4x5 back for the Fuji film packs, and ended up having to buy one from a guy in Japan. All the camera stores have them on permanent back order. You can get the Fuji film easily, but what's the point if you can't ge the back?

Gordon Moat
18-May-2008, 20:35
I think there has been a bit of a run on the film holders. I noticed prices on some used Polaroid 405 and Polaroid 550 holders have gone up in some auctions, which I think is a little crazy.

I have been using FP100C and FP100C45 for several years, and I think they are better than Polaroid instant films. When you see that 45 in the name, that indicates the larger variety, which needs to be used in the Polaroid 550 holder, or the Fuji PA-45 holder. The entire holder is physically larger, and might fit under the ground glass on some 4x5 cameras, but could place quite a strain on the springs; be careful, or just use the Graflock sliding locks to hold it in place.


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EuGene Smith
19-May-2008, 08:39
Are there any instant films that will use the 545 & 545i backs? Or will they be relegated to the junkpile? Can they be used with Readyloads and Quickloads?

By the way, my box of Readyloads has a sticker on it that says it is best to use it in the Readyload holder with the black pressure plate (mine is brushed aluminum) - what's the deal here?

Frank Petronio
19-May-2008, 09:31
So far I haven't seen any Fuji Instant Films that will work in the 545 backs, nor any 400 ISO B&W in anything that would work with a 4x5 at all.

There have been several generations of Readyload holders, do a search, you want to be using the latest one with the latest film.

EuGene Smith
19-May-2008, 12:25
Yep, a little birdy just told me that I needed to get a Readyload holder with a black pressure plate AND a red release button . . . I've struck out twice ----> burnished aluminum plate and black button. Good grief!!

Gordon Moat
19-May-2008, 13:43
The next to newest Kodak Readyload holder had a black pressure plate, but not a red button. Those work fine with current Readyload films. What those lack are the slots that could fit them into graflock slots/locks, though the holder fits very easily under a ground glass spring back. One thing to look for on those particular Readyload holders is that the Kodak logo is in red on the printing. That holder was the transistion item between double sheet Readyloads and the current single sheet Readyloads. They tend to be slightly lower cost on the used market than the newest holder.


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19-May-2008, 13:56
I've never actually seen a Readyload or Quickload holder. Are they a lot smaller, lighter, and/or less unwealdy than the Polaroid 545?

Gordon Moat
19-May-2008, 14:43
Hello Wilhelm,

Both the Kodak Readyload holder, and the Fuji Quickload holder, are much lighter than the Polaroid 545 holder. They are also slightly less bulky, though close to the same overall length. As an added benefit, they use a pressure plate, so in theory they should hold the film flatter than a Polaroid 545 holder.


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