View Full Version : Fuji neopan vs Kodak Tmax 100

18-May-2008, 12:33
Have any of you tried both and if so what are your feelings about the two? I tend t olean with the Tmax. I shoot 4x5 and use the quickload,and readyloads with a Polaroid 545i holder.

Ron Marshall
18-May-2008, 15:37
They are very similar, but Acros requires less reciprocity correction:


Richard Wall
18-May-2008, 17:21
I have shot both and each has slightly different characteristics. Tmax tends to be sharper (my opinion) but has less contrast than the Arcos. Although, I tend to prefer the Arcos when developed in Ilford Microphen. You can get the developing times from digitaltruth's massive dev chart (http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.html). I typically use Rodinal (1:100) to develop my Tmax, so that may account for the lower contrast.

You will get good results with either film, but I lean toward the Acros when developed in Microphen. I'm sure others on this forum will argue for Tmax, and I would not dispute their results. We're talking subtleties here.

Happy shooting.