View Full Version : got my 6 1/4" Wollensak IIIA in Betax shutter

17-May-2008, 17:39
...well, the shutter looks pretty old. The shutter doesn't have an focus lever thing. Seems like a self cocking shutter.

Or am I doing something wrong. Probably needs a CLA. Carol Miller is recuperating so I'll probalby send to Paul Ebel.

erie patsellis
17-May-2008, 17:58
Betax shutters don't typically have a preview lever, though they do have a T and B setting , IIRC.


Brian Ellis
18-May-2008, 07:17
Seems to me that the shutter on one of my Wollensak 159mms was self-cocking, which I liked. To compose and focus I opened the aperture to its maximum width and put the shutter on T (or if it doesn't have a T setting you can put it on B and lock it open with the cable release).