View Full Version : Board for 90mm f8 Fujinon on Toyo 45A

17-May-2008, 10:03
Friends, I have a 90mm Fujinon coming and need a board for it. I do not know the Copal size and Thalman's grid shows that it came in a B and C size. Newbie question, but I assumed this would dictate the board opening. Yes? No? Many thanks. David

Eric James
17-May-2008, 10:51
David, here's the link to the LFP site's 4X5 lens table - a pretty handy one-page reference. Your lens fit a Copal 0 board.


17-May-2008, 12:14
Eric, that's the ticket. Thanks bud. David

Sheldon N
17-May-2008, 15:43
Wanted to point out - it looks like Don Hutton has a Toyo Field Copal 0 board (recessed) for sale here on the forum. He's a reputable seller and a good guy to deal with.