View Full Version : Anyone used the metal Canham 8 x 10?

17-May-2008, 03:22
Hi all,
Looking to move up to 8 x 10 & fancy the Canham metal 8 x 10, but cannot find any comments on it by users! Does anyone actually use one of these & what do they think of it? Thanks. Dennis.

Jimmy Peguet
17-May-2008, 04:27
I use a JMC810 since early 2003, five years and half now, the first model with three buttons (as I have rather small hands, I've never been disturbed by these ones, and no problen in cold times). Very light, clear, smooth and easy to use, quick setup, good bellows, very bright groundglass with Fresnel. Maybe not the most important thing, but I like very much the modern look of the camera. I used it with lenses from 150 to 600. Rigidity is, hmmm... let's say that it's not a P2, but nothing really wrong here, it's OK with a 600. One has to be careful in windy times, an umbrella helps a lot ! The main drawback for me is that the lock of the standards is not perfect. To set the standards perfectly parrallel requires some attention, and one has to be careful when inserting the holder (no bail). There is a big difference between the T-levers of the Canham and those made by Dick Phillips : the Phillips locks much better with two fingers. But nothing really important here and no need to overtighten. The camera is smooth to use, easy to focus (but a bit uncomfortable when pointing it towards the ground). All movements on the front standard with generous rise and fall, a bit of swing and shift, enough for most field work, tilt only on the back. I never missed the lack of swing and other movements here. I would prefer levels on the right side rather than on the left, but this is minor.

If I had to buy another Canham today, maybe I would choose a wooden camera, but it would be a caprice. The JMC has always done the job without any failure. As I recently found an Explorer, I thought to sell or replace it, but I can't do it ! The main thing I really would like to be modified is the lock of the rear standard.


20-May-2008, 03:45
Thanks for your reply. It seems not many use the Canham 8 x 10 metal camera! I think it will be worth me having a look at one anyway. Best wishes, Dennis.

20-May-2008, 19:34
I had one for about a year. I only shot about 10-12 images with it. I just didn't get into the 8X10 thing, so I sold it. As far as the camera goes, I don't see anything wrong with it at all. It seemed well built, easy to set up and use, light weight. etc. I had no complaints with it at all and if you're the least bit interested in one, I would definitely recommend checking one out. Mine just didn't get enough use to justify keeping.
I sold that, and a Wisner 4X5, and bought a Ebony 4X5. I actually had enough extra to buy a project Deardorff 8X10, which I still haven't used and is sitting in a box in a hundred different pieces waiting for me to get around to refinishing it.