View Full Version : Sticky When Sliding Rear Standard Forward

Andrew O'Neill
16-May-2008, 20:51
It's quite a task sliding the rear standard forward to accommodate wide angle lenses on my canham 8x10...anybody have any recommendations to some sort of a lubricant that could be used? Thanks!

Jon Wilson
16-May-2008, 20:58

16-May-2008, 21:34
I remember Kirk Gittings recommending a bike lubricant called Pedro's Ice Wax for metal-on-metal binding, supposedly found at any good/serious bike shop.

Here's the thread:


Glenn Thoreson
17-May-2008, 12:23
Wax. A good paste wax or even plain old parafin. Rub a candle on it. Be sure to rub it down good after application, so it doesn't attract grit, or get on you.

Andrew O'Neill
21-May-2008, 17:29
Thanks everyone...and thanks for the link to the thread, PViapiano...I've sourced some Pedro's Ice Wax at a local bike shop. Going to pick some up now.

Andrew O'Neill
21-May-2008, 21:17
Well, well, well...Pedro's Ice Wax works really well. It's now nice and slippery slidey.

Kirk Gittings
21-May-2008, 21:27
I thought it would work for you Andrew. As a lifetime avid cyclist, I was around when the wax based lubricants were invented. They were a revelation, particularly for mountain biking because while it lubricated things well it was dry and did not collect dirt. One day I was shooting on a hot windy, dusty day and my trusty old Zone Vi was getting sticky. I had my custom made titanium Seven mountain bike on the rack and some Pedros in the fanny pack........the rest is history.

Andrew O'Neill
21-May-2008, 21:32
Great stuff! I can literally slide the rear standard forward with one finger... I think I'll go down to the garage and wipe some on my bicycle chain. Thanks Kirk!