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16-May-2008, 11:06
I'm new to these forums. I have a question on a Sinar standard I just purchased on eBay. I'm trying to get an 8x20 camera going and decided to meld a Korona with a Sinar base. In my haste I purchased what was suppose to be a Sinar 8x10 standard. I thought it would give me more height and that I would use it as a lens standard. The problem is it doesn't look like any of the two standard from the Sinar P1 I purchased. The top part seems to be going in the opposite direction.

Does anyone know what it is I purchased?

I have attached a photo with standard in question in the front.


16-May-2008, 12:22
It looks like a rear standard as it has a dof scale but only rise movement. Bit like a S1/S2 model. From KOch, the S1,S2 didn't have any rear mobements. Maybe a custom job. Judging by the offset I expect is was for 8x10. The others tandard looks like a normal 8x10 P1 rear.

Ken Lee
16-May-2008, 13:24
You might want to contact Glennview (http://www.glennview.com/sinar.htm).

He has created a wide variety of hybrid Sinar designs and format change kits - including 8x20 - and carries a large assortment of Sinar parts. Scroll down a bit to see the 8x20 items.

16-May-2008, 13:59
The part that you have has been described as the "special 8x10 portrait standard" although I'm not sure if that was Sinar's factory designation. In fact, I have one of these myself. It is intended for use with the 8x10 non-metering frame and back. It's not very useful in any other configuration. This rear standard has the following adjustments: base tilt, swing (non geared), rise and fine focus. Use of this standard allows a bit more direct rise, and saves some weight. Other than that, it might be a little sturdier, since it has fewer moving parts.

By the way, do you realize that you have your lens, in the photo you posted, mounted on a rear standard? Maybe that's why the special standard looks backwards to you. I suggest going to this site:


which has scans of several Sinar brochures for the P model, to get a better idea of how Sinar's tinkertoy system can be assembled.

18-May-2008, 06:22
Thanks to you all, for the Glennview referral , Sinar brochure & other comments. mrossano, right after I submitted my question. I noticed my mistake in reversing the lens board and film back.