View Full Version : An Ideal 210mm Lens?

Gary Albertson
15-Jan-2001, 17:44
Gentlemen, I have researched much in the thepast, excluded the Nikon 200mm M for its small image circle(though appreciate its 52mm filter size-I have Fuji 300 and Fuji 125), considering the p urchase of a 210mm from Nikon or Rodenstock(Schneider and Fuji's too heavy). My work is strickly landscape, wi th moderate movements, willing to sacrifice some weight(the Fuji's 505grams and Schneider's 590grams ju st sounds too heavy) and size, but overall sharpness, detail, clarity is paramount. But, and that's a big but, if I have to go to the gym and work out to carry more weight, that may be the only option for me. Any compariti ve comments on both the Nikon or Rodenstock? Another 210mm? Thanks,

Gary Albertson
15-Jan-2001, 18:08
Gentlemen, Forgot to ask one additional question-has anyone done a comparitive sharpness te st between the Nikon 200M and the Nikon 210W? That minimum weight is remarkable. Agreed, the image circle is very small, but if that is the only sacrifice, I may reconsider its purchase(Again, also like its 52 mm fil ter size) Thanks again, Gar

Gary Albertson
15-Jan-2001, 18:19
Gentlemen, I apologize, in my first question I incorrectly typed my email addres s. If it is of any concern, the second question I posted the corrected address. Sorry, Gary

james norman
15-Jan-2001, 19:59
the nikkor W 210/5.6 is a superb lens. you cannot go wrong with it.

john costo
15-Jan-2001, 20:29
The Rodenstock 210/5.6 APO-Sironar-S is superb. I use it for landscapes and in all respects (sharpness, contrast, color) it is a winner.

Charlie Stracl
15-Jan-2001, 20:50
You might consider Osaka 210, 4-element design. It's much smaller than 6-element lenses, with a respectable image circle.

15-Jan-2001, 21:08
How about a nice, little 8 1/4" coated Goerz Dagor? Stop it down, and see what all the fuss is about.

Jim Galli
16-Jan-2001, 01:10
I happen to think the G Clarons in a Copal 1 are superb. Very small, sharp at f22+/-, and with much larger than the advertised image circle. I don't hesitate to use mine on my 8X10 although I don't move it around much on that. Tell me if I'm wrong, but didn't these "grow" out of the wide angle dagors after Schneider bought Goertz?

Ellis Vener
16-Jan-2001, 09:00
Jnorman wrote:"The nikkor W 210/5.6 is a superb lens. you cannot go wrong with it."

I fully agree with that statement. Optical quality: resolution, color, etc. is excellent. For me the minimal weight gain and larger filter size is worth the larger image circle. But that is something you'll have to determine for yourself isn't it?