View Full Version : 14 inch and 19 inch ARTAR - Same flange size?

Simon Benton
16-May-2008, 05:45
May seem a strange question but are the flange sizes for the 14 and 19 inch Artar the same? Any help appreciated - I have been trying to obtain a flange for a 19 inch Artar at a reasonable price.

16-May-2008, 06:45


14 inch Artar: 2.123 inch
16.5 inch Artar: 2.520 inch
19 inch Artar: 2.518 inch
24 inch Artar: 3.022 inch

14 inch Gotar: 2.518 inch

All are 26 TPI. These are Major Diameters, i.e., measured to the outside of the male threads on the lens. There is some variation, e.g., I have a 16.5 Artar that's only 2.513 inch.

Bottom line: 16 1/2 and 19 inch Artars (including RDA's) can share flanges.

Find a cheap Gotar with a flange ;)


Simon Benton
16-May-2008, 06:49
Thank you Charley - much appreciated! Simon