View Full Version : Kodak Readloads used with Quickload film holder

Stpephen Willlard
20-Mar-2001, 22:46
I have been using Kodak Pro100 Readyloads for a long time and will exhaust my supply by mid summer. I am excited that Fuji is offering NPS in in Quickloads. This gives me choices. I am also exxcited that the Kodak claims its new Readyload for Portra VC can be used with Fuji`s Quickload film holder.

My question is has anyone used the new Kodak Readyloads with the Quickload film holder? Does the film lie flat? Have you had any problems?

Wellesley Browning
6-Jul-2001, 22:57
My experience today is that the new Kodak singleloads will not properly engage & disengage when used in the Fuji Quickload holder.

Anyone actually able to use Kodak in the Fuji holder?