View Full Version : What lens is this ? 4.5/21cm

16-May-2008, 01:14

can anyone tell me who made this lens ?
I have it for 10 years on my 4x5" Toyo View C, but never really used it.
Now I am thinking of selling the whole thing.



Gene McCluney
16-May-2008, 06:53
That could be a Russian lens, or it could be a lens from an older photocopier application.

Dan Fromm
16-May-2008, 07:25
Gene, I think that if you look closely you'll see two chinese characters on the lens' trim ring.

16-May-2008, 07:48
Dan, you are right its Chinese characters, but it says also "Made in Japan" on top of it.
It came with a lens cap but I dont know whether it originally belongs to the lens.
The logo looks familiar but I can not say where it is from.


Hugo Zhang
16-May-2008, 07:54
It's a Chinese lens on a Japan-made Copal shutter. The Chinese word is "The Great Wall". It is likely a Tessar type lens.

16-May-2008, 07:57
Made in Japan now means made in China, so does "assembled in Vietnam", Mauritius, Phillippines etc..

Sven Schroder
16-May-2008, 08:18
I think the "IS" before the focal length is "iston", just a guess.

16-May-2008, 08:29
Great Wall...
I know this enterprise, they did buildings, wine, cars and now lenses.
Must be a huge company :D

Thanks Hugo, I now know that I can sell this lens with the camera, its nothing that I would keep for my children.