View Full Version : Bag Bellows for Graphic View and 90mm?

15-May-2008, 20:17
Hi all, I'm the proud owner of a fuji 90mm f8, and am probably purchasing a graphic view soon. Anyone experienced enough with this camera/lens combo to know if I'll be needing a bag bellows?

15-May-2008, 21:33
A 90mm should give you plenty of space for reasonable movements on the existing bellows. I pretty sure that the Graphic view does not have an interchangeable bellows anyway.

If you will want wider lenses and more movement capabilities in the future, you should look at one of the Calumets or Cambos now since they are fine cameras, are relatively inexpensive and will take both the standard or bag bellows. (Not the older Gray CC400 series of the Calumets.) If you're looking for light weight or portability, many of the field cameras (including the Zone VI) also take both kinds of bellows and have ample movements.

Good luck.


15-May-2008, 22:44
Thanks Tim,
I should have done my research before posting. I was looking at the graphic view because I planned on getting the lens board adapter so I could use my super graphic lens boards. After posting though I did some trolling around and came to the conclusion that a cambo would be a better choice, and I'll just have to make my own lens board adapter. I'm not generally great at that kinda thing, but its a pretty simple tool so I don't anticipate too many headaches. Thanks for the advice. -Adam