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15-May-2008, 17:24
I know this isnt really a 4x5 question but you all have given me great advice in the past.

Kodak stoped making HIE those rat turds. I am sad and am looking for a replacement. Does anyone have a favorite substitute?
Chad Webb

Renato Tonelli
15-May-2008, 19:37
EFKE's offering is supposedly the closest thing; I guess I will try it once my supply of HIE runs out.

Ron Marshall
15-May-2008, 19:37
Freestyle has this:


Andrew O'Neill
15-May-2008, 21:08
There is no IR film out there that is even remotely close to Kodak's. I've been using Efke's but I would never consider it a substitute.

Ralph Barker
16-May-2008, 06:00
Maco, the original manufacturer, made both "aura" and regular IR film, the aura version being more similar to HIE. So far, Efke appears to be making only the non-aura version.

al olson
16-May-2008, 08:01
There is some confusion in my mind regarding the interrelationship between MACO/Efke/Rollei. I think the coating formulae are the same, but who coats them now is somewhat confusing. In my experience the Efke and MACO brands seem to be very insensitive above 720nm so I think these may be the same emulsion. I understand that this is the problem also with Rollei, but I have never used it.

You might take a look at:
This pdf has been updated some from several years ago, but it still claims the same sensitivity out to 820nm as it has in the visible region. [see curve #5 in the sensitivity graph] My experience is that past 720nm the usable EI is about 1.5 where as in the visible, unfiltered spectrum it is around 100.

Up until a few months ago there was also another pdf, similar to the one above, from Mr. Mahn that had an added first page stating that Efke was the coater/brander (??) of the 820 IR films. I can no longer find that by searching the internet so that relationship may have been withdrawn.

In terms of using these films, I find that with a cutoff filter for 720nm and above I must use an EI of 1.5. I have never been successful with HB110 dil B, the negative image is just too thin. It is thin even with D-76, but produces a nice print with surprisingly good contrast. [see below]

The nice thing about the MACO is that it comes in 120 and in sheet films. The drawback is that with slow shutter speeds even light puffs of air will cause blurring of vegetation. This is not a film for sports photography!

I might also suggest trying Ilford SFX. Yes, it is back! It does not go out as far in the IR, but produces nice results with a 720nm cutoff filter. As I recall you can use an EI of 25 with this filter. It comes in 120 and 35mm. I have three new rolls that I am going to test.

Hope this is helpful.

16-May-2008, 08:44
I am looking at the Efke film, but how would you focus and expose for 4x5 film?

24-May-2008, 16:58
I have a couple hundred rolls of the last batch of Kodak HIE that I am selling to fund the purchase of a leica m8. If you are interested I can be reached at steve@beyertribe.com. I am asking $18 a roll. This will probably be your last chance to get this film at a reasonable price.