View Full Version : Newbie lensboard size question (Zone VI)

Craig Schroeder
14-May-2008, 16:10
I just received a lensboard intended for my Zone VI 4X5. It was listed as such and I didn't realize that my camera mount measures about 96 X 99 mm which is just slightly under the 4X4 board that received. From some initial snooping around the forums here, there was a comment that some early, initial production was a different size and then changed to a 4X4 configuration.

Is my size a standard of some sort that would be a cross-over size to other camera boards? Can someone direct me to an information source that might explain? Thanks!

Dave Parker
14-May-2008, 16:19
There is a Picker Zone VI and there is a Wisner Zone VI and there were some differences between the two of them, I know the Ground Glass is not the same size either. Your best source of information is probably Richard Ritter, who posts on here every once in a while.


Keith Pitman
14-May-2008, 16:21
It sounds like you have a Wista that was rebranded as a Zone VI. They take Linhof Technica type metal boards. These are easy to find on Ebay. I'd suggest getting aftermarket boards; they are less expensive and work fine.

Kevin Crisp
14-May-2008, 16:22
The Vermont version I had used 4X4 boards. The Zone VI boards will fit a 4X4 square corner board Deardorff Special quite well, but the DD boards won't work on the Zone VI because the DD boards are thicker and will hit interference just inside the bellows. If the boards almost fit, they may fit just fine in lower humidity, it is amazing what a difference that can make.

Craig Schroeder
14-May-2008, 17:13
Are the Linhofs slightly off-center? I feel like the "0" point on my front rise isn't in alignment with true center. Is the metal board the only proper thickness that is safe to use? My mount does seem quite shallow when I study it now.

The Linhof boards I see on eBay (some Chinese-sourced items) show slightly squared-off corners and some custom-for-something notches/flanges. Is this the style I likely need?

Kevin Crisp
14-May-2008, 17:51
The Vermont Zone VI cameras don't use Linhof-style boards. Some boards are deliberately off center to give you more rise or fall. The difference is obvious if they are supposed to be that way, like 1/2" or more off center.