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Jan Pedersen
13-May-2008, 12:52
Just a heads up for those that consider to buy 5x7 color slide film from Hunt's. (Ektachrome) I made the mistake, it is not 5x7 but 13x18
Seller agree to let me return but continue to post new adds with misleading description.

Oren Grad
13-May-2008, 13:33
Can you point to a specific ad or eBay listing?

Jan Pedersen
13-May-2008, 13:42
Oren, This is the latest upload. A couple just finished.
If you look closely at the box you will also see the 13x18cm


Oren Grad
13-May-2008, 14:45
OK, thanks. That's not good. At least they show the box end, clearly indicating that it's 13x18 if you scroll down that far. But a buyer should be able to trust the item description too.

I sent them a message through the listing you linked, asking them to correct the item descriptions on the currently-posted lots. We'll see whether they respond if they hear it from a second customer.

If you want to follow up further, you can call Hunt's at (800) 924-8682 or (781)662-8822 and ask for their eBay auctions manager.

Jan Pedersen
13-May-2008, 15:02
Oren, I spoke to Chris B at Hunt's this morning and made him aware of the problem. The new listing still showing 5x7 leads me to believe that it is intentional that the film is listed as 5x7 and that the 13x18 is partly covered by Hunt's

Jan Pedersen
13-May-2008, 15:08
Should ad that it is not the first time i get something different than what i paid for.
But, it is the last.

14-May-2008, 10:04
Jan,Oren, thank you for your emails and posts.
I assure you this mistake was not intentional, I have spend some time yesterday researching the matter but I was finally convinced by the following post by Ilkka.
"There are two systems of measurement that have been widely used throughout history. One is metric system and the other is often called Imperial system. Basically, continental Europe is metric while the English speaking world is Imperial. This happens to affect sheet films as well and common sizes used in continental Europe are 9x12cm, 13x18cm and 18x24cm. In the imperial world these translate to 4x5" (for some strange reason called 5x4 in the UK), 5x7" and 8x10". The cameras for these formats are the same. The film holders have the same external dimensions, so that they can be used in the same cameras, but the actual sheets of film are slightly different in size. The film holders for 4x5 and 5x7 for example, have slightly different film pocket dimensions than the corresponding 9x12 and 13x18 holders. The 4x5 is a bit bigger than 9x12 while the 13x18 is a bit bigger than the 5x7, as you have noticed. If you go to Germany, for example, you can buy 13x18cm sheet film. For reference, one inch is equivalent to exactly 2.54 cm, but the actual dimensions of these sheet films do not always follow the nominal measurements. Just like 6x6cm film is not exactly 6x6 cm but something like 5.6x5.6 cm. In imperial world this is called 2 1/4" square which is actually a bit closer to the true size.
At any rate, I canceled all 5x7 auctions.

Jan Pedersen
14-May-2008, 17:40
Chris, Thank you for making the effort to clear this up for everyones satisfaction and welcome to the Forum.