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12-May-2008, 22:26
I am going to be using a Wista DXII for a month as I work on familiarizing myself with 4x5. What kind of comparisons can I draw between the Wista and the She Hao and Chamonix? I may have a chance to buy the Wista, but may not so want to look at other options.

This will be general landscape, currently with lenses ranging from 90 to 210.

I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this, so please forgive my continued newbie questions.


12-May-2008, 23:10
The Wista DXII is an excellent camera, better than a Shen Hao. I've had mine for about 22 years and it's easy and quick to use with plenty of movements. I use mine with a variety of lenses from 65mm up to 300mm.


Turner Reich
12-May-2008, 23:37
buy the wista, it's a great all around camera, the shen hao has a thin cheap bellows and the joint shrink after you have had it for a little while. Wrap your head around the Wista and you can't go wrong.

Bob Salomon
13-May-2008, 02:31
At the View Camera Show in FT Collins next month we will introduce a new Wista made from quince wood with a red bellows, rear shift, and brass fittings. It is gorgeous! This will replace the equivalent cherry wood model.

Brian Ellis
13-May-2008, 10:35
Having owned a Tachihara, Shen Hao and Chamonix and used but not owned a Wista (DX I think), the Chamonix is IMHO the best of the four cameras you mention. At a price about $400 less than Wista and about $200 more than Shen and Tachihara the Chamonix combines the best features of all of them - low weight of Wista and Tachihara, 2-3 inch longer bellows than any of them, interchangeable bellows, front axis (as opposed to base) tilt, international back, bubble levels all over, better constructed IMHO than Tachihara or Shen, at least as good as Wista, and to me a much better looking camera than any of them. All at a price only about $200 more than a Tachihara and Shen Hao and about $400 less than a Wista. But all four are fine cameras and any of them would work well for the type of work you mention especially if you never use a lens shorter than your 90mm or longer than your 210mm.

13-May-2008, 11:08

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Harley Goldman
13-May-2008, 15:36
I have owned a Wista DXII and now own a Chamonix (had an Arca and a Toho in between). In my opinion, the Chamonix is a better camera than the Wista by at least a factor of 10, if not 100. The Chamonix is FAR more rigid, far smoother, has easier controls for focusing and movements, has a brighter screen and is much better built. Other than that, the cameras are very close to each other. :)

I really did not like the Wista at all, but love the Chamonix. Once I got the Cham, I ended up selling my Toho and Arca. Just did not use them anymore.

13-May-2008, 16:40
Once I got the Cham, I ended up selling my Arca. Just did not use them anymore.

I am thinking about the same thing.

Benno Jones
13-May-2008, 17:27
I've had a Shen Hao for about 5 years and have been happy with it, although it is the only 4x5 field camera I've owned so I can't really compare. I have no idea what problems Turner Reich has had with the bellows, but mine is in perfect condition and does not seem thin and cheap at all.