View Full Version : Any (Un)Happy users of the Schneider convertible 240/5.6 420/12

Rapahel Zeiher
15-Jan-2001, 05:36
I am a french amateur photographer trying to get into large format. Recently a l enses has picked my attention. It's old Schneider Symmar lens with Compur shutte r, a convertible 240mm f/5,6 from 1968-1970. By removing the rear elements it se ems to become a 420/12.

I didn't find any information on this forum. Thanks in advance and regards from France

Pete Andrews
15-Jan-2001, 07:30
Hi Raphael. Try here:

Convertible lenses (http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=0049 gG)

These lenses are generally only just useable in the converted state.

15-Jan-2001, 11:12
I think it's a great lens, but the Compur that mine is mounted in doesn't have a press focus feature. To focus I must set it on "T" and then reset the shutter speed before every exposure -- a pain in the tusch. I have no problems with using it as a single element on 4x5.

N Dhananjay
15-Jan-2001, 11:21
It helps to use a strong monochromatic filter when using the lens in its converted form. That's because you lose some correction when you remove the front element and using a strong monochromatic filter can reduce the chromatic aberrations. Cheers, DJ.

andrea milano
15-Jan-2001, 17:42
Actually many photographers mantain that it is the front that you have to remove, somewhere on old threads in this forum you can read several entries concerning this. It is a notorios thing, Half int the Whole thing so what do you actually espect, unless you have a lens which conbines different elements arranging it into a new lens like the Plasmat all you are going to have is less than half a good lens!

Rapahel Zeiher
16-Jan-2001, 10:07
Thanks all, I appreciate everyones input! I think it will be better to have a combo Fujinon 240/9 and Fujinon 450/12 or Apo Ronar 360/9 on my Linhof Master Technika... I need an extension ring for the 450/12 on my Linhof, but it's the only way with the Master Technika with a "normal lens", non tele.

In France it's very difficult to get informations from the field! Thanks for sharing information.