View Full Version : EEK! Oh, no what did I do to the Cambo?

Clay Turtle
12-May-2008, 08:15
I had been re-building a 5x7 and had made a vow not to shoot the 4x5 again until I had finished the project . . . just goes to show when you don't keep those vows, karma!
The pressure of not shooting got the better of me so I went downtown just to burn some chrome. Having the rail on tripod, I picked up the whole affair to move across the street but the tripod strap wrapped around the quick release & the Cambo did a nose drive into the concrete . . . I checked with the Cambo site & ended up calling the repair center. So far I known damage is rather minor, broken plastic knob leaving the bolt head naked.
Anyone know of a source of schematics or parts break down or perhaps have removed the riser from the rail base? Removing the cap nut (tension knob) seems only to allow the swing of the riser there appears to be a nut in the riser which holds the assembly together?

Clueless Winddancing
12-May-2008, 09:49
A picture perhaps?

Bob Salomon
12-May-2008, 10:33
Cambo and Calumet are owned by the same company. Either contact a Calumet store or contact Cambo in Europe (Holland).

David Karp
12-May-2008, 11:23
If in the USA, call the Calumet headquarters number and ask for Jose in the repair department. He is (was?) the LF guy there and knows way more than the customer service people (Who may know nothing) do about LF. In my experience he is a nice guy and very helpful.

Turner Reich
12-May-2008, 14:13
What's it take to get a part from Calumet, I sent emails to Calumet for a front spring for my C1, green machine. Tried to call, gave up. Are they in the same category as Light Impressions?

12-May-2008, 18:53
I've found emails to Calumet to be a waste of time, but phone calls directly to Jose have been very well responded to once you actually get him on the phone. Last time was over a year aoo, so I hope he's still there.

12-May-2008, 20:45
It's been about two years since I spoke with him, and he went out of his way to fax me an exploded diagram of my camera to make sure I was ordering the right parts.

I took a few calls before I was able to speak with him, but there's no question in my mind that it was worth the extra effort.

Clay Turtle
14-May-2008, 12:52
Ah, yes I do believe that I got a telephone call through to Jose so he seems to be still there. Advised me that I should send the camera in as to check alignment. Making a visual again, I found that the right front & the left rear mounts had bent toward the bellows & noted that another cap screw on the rear standard had taken damage as well.
PS Note I have since the accident installed secondary security device on tripod release.:cool:

Clay Turtle
20-May-2008, 03:20
Oh, I just realized I must have been banned from commenting in the Business section? Wait a minute & let me go back to see . . . my mistake, the thread has been closed.
Ah, well speaking of business . . . let go on the that which is at hand. Noting that from the photo's, one might question why I would need to break down the riser mounting section? Well to be honest, no the accident probably didn't damage these parts.
Noting that more than 1 of you are or do metal camera repair parts, I would like to get a price on having a after market goodie made up for my Cambo?
I started the 5x7 project as a prototype of the 8x10 that I would like to build or have so I thought it would be good experience. Which it has been as having the 5x7 at a shooting point, I realized that 1 of the goals being the attribute of using shorter len like the press camera wasn't achieved . . . but I did realize that if I adapted the riser by inserting a hinge section into the riser of the Cambo (rear) back then I could set (lean) it toward the lens board, allowing the back to be moved closer to the front. In fact, with risers like the 8x10 where the front & rear are of different widths, then minimum focal length would be little more than the width of the board cross-section allowing the use of short or wide angle lens. Of course as this would mean that the rear riser would be taller than the front then I would need another one just to bring them back to the same level but then this would be good as then by extending (rotating) the risers in opposing fashion then I could use a longer bellows (extend the bellows length) w/o extending the rail.
So what would be the cost to have one of you turn out a couple to fit my Cambo 4x5?

PS I am assuming that Cambo line doesn't produce such an item . . .

Clay Turtle
20-May-2008, 04:59
:eek: My mistake, the front uprite would have to be rotated toward the rear & I would want full 180 degree rotation so that the risers could be set parallel to the rail that way they could be folded flat for transporting the camera . . . would be nice to have indents at every 10 or 15 degrees as well>