View Full Version : TMY 400?

15-Jan-2001, 03:26
I have been toying with using a faster film than my typical FP4. Would TMY400 or Hp5 be that much of a step backwards from 100? I mean would the grain and/or contrast be noticeable in 16x20's?

Doug Paramore
15-Jan-2001, 10:34
Matt: I normally use either Tri-X or HP-5 Plus for my 4x5 work. I havent used a slow film in years because I haven't found it necessary for fine quality prints. The largest print I normally make is 16x20, and the quality is good. I find the extra speed very helpful in LF. By the time you add a filter and stop down to F22 or 32, you rapidly run out of shutter speed. I have used Tri-X developed in HC-110 for years. During the past year, I have used a great deal of HP-5 Plus developed in Ilford ID-11. I like the looks of the HP-5. I would recommend either film for LF. T-Max 400 works well for many photographers, although there seems to be no middle ground on opinions about the film. Seems one either loves it or hates it.


John Hennessy
15-Jan-2001, 14:41
I use 4x5 HP5+ developed in PMK all the time. It is so fine grain it is difficult to focus and difficult to find wall space for all the 20x24 prints.