View Full Version : 8X10 holder with slides on eBay $30 BIN

11-May-2008, 10:56

MIke Sherck
11-May-2008, 15:41
I don't think I've ever paid that much for a wooden 8x10 film holder, and I have 20 of them. I believe that about $20 is the most I've had to pay.


12-May-2008, 05:47
A lot of wooden holders of this sort were auctioned off fairly recently for something like $15 each (lot of 6?). They come on Ebay all the time. Curious what was special about this one? If it was custom made and the person custom makes other sizes, then that would be special, especially to get some cheap but properly built 6X10, 7X11, etc. holders for $40 each;).