View Full Version : Dusting negs?

Mando Morlos
14-Jan-2001, 23:52
I always get spots on my negs...or at least on the ones I like! What can I do ab out it after the fact? Can I "spot" the neg? this is for both Color and B&W thanx -Mando

William Leviit
15-Jan-2001, 01:56
You can do one or the other, or both.

Look for the information found on the

Dust and spotting

section of the start page.

andrea milano
15-Jan-2001, 17:45
Do you refer to pre-exposure spots or spots white spots on the print?

24-Jan-2001, 22:07
I used to get a lot of dust spots on film until I bought a HEPA air filter. I load my film in a small room with no windows. Prior to loading I will wipe down the floors & counter space with a damp cloth & then run the filter for 20 minutes. While the filter is on I will use a blow brush to clean each film holder. I then load the film. Can't remember the last time I had a dust problem. For me it is a thing of the past.