View Full Version : Can you tell the vintage of a lens by the shutter color?

11-May-2008, 08:35
Friends, I am lens shopping and notice that some lenses have diffent color shutters. For example, some Fujinon 90mm's I have see sometimes have a black shutters and others have this scalloped metal finish. My only lens at this time is a new Rodenstock that has the black finish, and so I was wondering if lenses with this shutter color are likely to be newer versions than other lenses with the silver finish. Tx. David

Ron Marshall
11-May-2008, 09:10
In many cases the newer lenses have black shutters. But there are some other things to consider. This is a good resource for Fujinnon lenses:


11-May-2008, 09:19
Ron, thanks for the link. David.