View Full Version : Shutter slows to a snail's pace in cold weather

Craig Allen
13-Jan-2001, 16:53
My old synchro-compur shutter failed me today in temps of about +20 degrees F. a s it slowed right down to a snails pace. Is this typical for this shutter? Does it just need to cleaned and re-calibrated? It's a very old shutter and I'm wonde ring just how far to go with repairs/expense.

Thanks in advance....

pat krentz
13-Jan-2001, 17:04
You can get these cleaned/recalibrated by Mel Pierce in Hollywood for about $90. Regards, Pat

Richard Stum / Kinesis
15-Jan-2001, 00:35
I have experienced that same problem with Compur shutters in about 0? F temp. Si nce then I have replaced those lenses with Copal shutters and although I rarely shoot in such weather, I don't recall having such problems with Copal shutters.

Pete Andrews
15-Jan-2001, 07:10
It's been my (limited) experience that Compur shutters haven't been any good since they re-styled them in the 1970s. Copal, I'm sorry to say, rules, OK.

John H. Henderson
17-Jan-2001, 10:18
I doubt whether it's an issue of whether the shutter is a Compur or a Copal that is causing the problem. It is probably just due to it being older, and having some dirt or oil congealing. Someone in the past may have inappropriately oiled, or overoiled, it. A good cleaning with minimal, proper, lubrication may be all it needs.

Steve Grimes.
21-Jan-2001, 18:28
I'm a big fan of replacing the older and older Compur shutters with nice new Copal shutters. It can save time and trouble to just replace it with new. The iris scale must be made up or gotten from the lens manufacturer. (I include iris scales on the shutters I supply.)

See: http://www.skgrimes.com/products/index.htm for info about Copal shutters.

(Please note I am not associated with the company in Boston called: "S.K. Grimes Camera Repair")