View Full Version : A funny

Hugo Zhang
10-May-2008, 16:28
picture I saw today...

10-May-2008, 16:29
the 'tilt all' ries :D

Steven Barall
10-May-2008, 16:44
Can I get a quick release for that?

Glenn Thoreson
10-May-2008, 17:44
Well, now - that's certainly "unique". :D

domenico Foschi
10-May-2008, 19:39
The back packer's dream!

10-May-2008, 20:56
the 'tilt all' ries :D

More like "all tilt"...

Ron Marshall
10-May-2008, 21:14
Something is out of kilter there!

10-May-2008, 22:12
Oh, that is just a leg of a Transformer.

Clay Turtle
12-May-2008, 07:39
That is a good one!

Robert Richardson
13-May-2008, 13:03
Was wondering - what's the price including the Dorf?

Frank Petronio
13-May-2008, 13:58
I want the Korean version