View Full Version : Can anyone ID this brass lens?

Robert A. Zeichner
10-May-2008, 13:33
The shutter is a Wollensak automatic (not working). I can read rapid convertible on the barrel and it appears to be made in Chicago. Also, the maker looks something like ALPHxxxxxxxxxxxxxSEN SUPPLY CO. Any ideas?

Jon Wilson
10-May-2008, 14:02
More than likely one of the early convertibles lens made by Wollensak, perhaps for Sears, aka SERCO. Possibly made for a 5x7 plate camera, but probably a 4x5 one. Check Seth's website....


Happy hunting....Jon

10-May-2008, 14:19
It says 6 #/# X 5 1/2 on it, so I guess that's the size it was designed to cover (I can't read the first fraction and I don't know much about plate sizes, but it looks like 6 1/2 x 5 1/2).

10-May-2008, 14:59
Looks like "alph" may be "ralph". Size is likely 6 1/2 x 8 1/2. My guess FWIW is that it's a rebranded rapid rectilinear.

Wayne R. Scott
10-May-2008, 15:02
I'll bet it says Ralph Golsen Supply. They were a distributor in Chicago, Ill.

I'll second the 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 which would be full plate.


Steven Barall
10-May-2008, 16:39
It's pretty whatever it is. Get it on a camera and let us see what it makes.

Robert A. Zeichner
11-May-2008, 14:54
Well, I discovered another pair of cells that fit this shutter. They are Wollensak wide angle types with 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 etched on the rim. I mounted it up on my Deardorff and it appears to make images as I would expect. I put the other cells on and they likewise made images and so I then put one WA and one of the longer cells in combo and even that made a respectable image. Right after trying all of this the shutter finally failed to open and so for any of this to work well enough to test with film, I will have to get the shutter repaired.