View Full Version : Contrast without densotometer

19-Mar-2001, 03:38
Hi all,

Is there a possibility of measuring the contrast grade without an densitometer?


N Dhananjay
19-Mar-2001, 09:01
I'm not sure whether you mean finding out the contrast grade of a paper. Assuming that is your question, it can be done. Get a step wedge from Stouffer Graphics (the uncalibrated one is fine). Print it on your choice of paper. Count up the steps from lightest tone to black. If there were 12 steps and each step of the step wedge was 0.1 density units, that tells you that the exposure scale of the paper is 0.1 X 12 = 1.2. Good luck. DJ

Henry Friedman
19-Mar-2001, 09:15
Phil Davis describes the use of a spot meter for this purpose in his book, "Beyond the Zone System".

Ed Buffaloe
19-Mar-2001, 17:20
There's a thread on this on another forum: http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg? msg_id=000WdL&msg_id=000WdL