View Full Version : stainless tanks for 8x10

8-May-2008, 18:22
I see many 3.5 gallon stainless tanks out there with 8x10 hangers cheap.
Are people still using these, or going with The Drum the best option?

Jim Fitzgerald
8-May-2008, 19:22
I found some 1 gallon stainless steel tanks for my 8x10 negs. I can do 4 sheets easily or 5 in a pinch. I like using this system for minimal agitation with Pyrocat-HD. I use less chemical and the pyro is cheap.


9-May-2008, 09:50
Yes, they are being used, and work just great. Best if you are shooting a lot.

The thinner 1 gallon 8x10 tanks Jim Fitzgerald mentions are great if you are looking to do small run processing.