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7-May-2008, 14:58
hello people...the question of dagor is very hard....could you tell me wich dagor precisely use paolo roversi? golden? coated? berlin? pre war post war..


Dan Fromm
7-May-2008, 15:16
I gather you didn't get the response you wanted here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum44/50166-paolo-roversi-dagor.html

Why don't you ask the man himself? His agent's address is vincent@vincentsimonet.com

Good luck, have fun

Steve Hamley
8-May-2008, 09:27
Apparently he didn't Dan. But here's another link. The article is a Photo District News interview with the man himself on how he creates the feel or look of his photos. Nearly all his discussion is about light, which is what makes a style, look, or feel.


Also people in this link reference a 12" Gold Dagor and a Kodak Ektar.


The size of your studio will influence the focal length somewhat although the most common focal length for portraits and people is probably 14" or 360mm. 12" lenses are also commonly used and George Hurrell used a 16-1/2" lens although I assume his studio was rather large compared to most.



domenico Foschi
8-May-2008, 10:28
I met Paolo Roversi when in vacation in Ravenna, my hometown and his hometown.
He was curious about my petzval, he told me whith a certain visible pride that he uses dagor but he didn't specify and I wasn't really driven to ask, although I really like his work.
What has been replied here is true.
The lens is important, but all the technical aspects of his shooting contribute to the final product and most important of all, his esthetics are the dominant factor for his distinguishable images.