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7-May-2008, 06:10
Friends, I am the proud owner of a mint Fujinon 240mm that called to me from Ebay. I will be picking up a suitable board for my Toyo 45A, as well as the wrench. I have never mounted a lens on a board and do not want to mess it up. Perhaps someone could walk me throught the process and particularly mention pitfalls to avoid. Thanks. David

7-May-2008, 06:18
It's so easy. Unscrew the rear elements, then there should be a retaining ring that tightens the lens to a board. Remove this.

Fit lens through the board, re-attach the retaining ring, if you have a lens spanner tighten up with this, if not tap it round carefully. Sometimes there's a little screw that locates the lens and stops it rotating on the board, and occasionally there's a spacer washer.

Re fit the rear elements and you're finished, should take 90 seconds :D


7-May-2008, 07:01
Ian, much obliged for your quick reply.

Ernest Purdum
7-May-2008, 10:50
Some people remove the little screw that Ian mentions but I prefer to use a needle nose file to make a slot for it to fit into. The purpose of the screw is to ensure against the lens rotating while you cock the shutter. You don't have to tighten the retaining ring too tight if you keep the screw.