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Raven Garrow
14-Jan-2001, 00:27
Does anybody have experience proccessing film, and printing with Sprint chemistr y? I think I'd like to stay with T-Max Dev. for film, and Polymax Dev. for the Poly max paper, but I'd love to use something other than the strong odored Kodak Indi cator Stop Bath (film and paper), and Rapid Fixer (film), and Sprint makes an od orless fixer, and vanilla scented indicator stop bath. I was wondering how there chemistry worked with Kodaks, or do you have to use their developer, too? Thank s.

Cesar Barreto
14-Jan-2001, 14:18

As this people from Sprint doesn't make films or papers, don't worry, their chemistry might be fully compatible with any emulsion or whatever developer your prefer. Stop baths don't contribute to image formation and fixing only changes on speed and capacity. Good luck! Cesar Barreto

Jacque Staskon
14-Jan-2001, 15:13
Hi Raven, Yes I have experience using the Sprint Chemicals. We use them at Prescott College. Film development: Increase your normal film development by 10% for roll films if you are using Kokak films. 15% for sheet films. So if the tech sheet says 10 minutes with Sprint developer, make your starting point 11 min. Make those increases your normal and adjust from there. 10% increase with all Ilford films. We use water as the stop bath. We also prewet all films. The fixer works just fine for film it does however turn to a beautiful purple with t-grain. So we keep a bottle for the normal emulsion films separate from the one we use for the t-grain film. No real reason for doing so, it just keeps the photo ones from dumping the fix to quickly. Print developers are adequate. The students however have a tendancy to tweak the devlopers when no one is looking. We use these chemicals because of price. You can use any developer,stop, fixer,hypo clear combination you wish. Its ok to mix brands. Hope this helps.