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Richard K.
6-May-2008, 12:21
You lucky 7x11 (golden ratio) people! Can you tell me what camera you use and does it have a reversible back? Do you ever shoot verticals? What % of the time? Thanks! :)

Oren Grad
6-May-2008, 13:19
Eastman No. 2. Yes, it has a reversing back, which is part of what makes it so big and heavy. Yes, I have used it to shoot verticals, and for shooting such an elongated format in vertical the very considerable front rise of the Eastman really comes in handy, though I have to watch the bellows carefully.

I probably wouldn't be comfortable tilting a horizontal-only 7x11 camera sideways, so I appreciate the ability to shoot vertically with the Eastman. At least there's some benefit from its otherwise excessive weight.

Mike Castles
6-May-2008, 15:48
Eastman No. 2 also (and soon a Ritter 7x11) with reversing back. I have used it for verticals - most recent was for a entry door, and the format and rise Oren mentioned made the shot work (along with the 240 Germinar). Could not have made the shot, from where I was standing without the combo - or at least not as easy.

Oren is also good to point out that the Eastman does have considerable front rise, it is also very easy to end up cutting off part of the image with the bellows (leason learned the hard way).

Jim Galli
6-May-2008, 18:52
I have a beautiful Eastman Improved #2. I would say I shoot perhaps 40% verticals. Some recent ones on this page (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/Great_Race/Thomas_Flyer.html), and this one (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/Great_Race/27LaSalle.html). There are others here and there on my web site. The 18" Verito on vertical 7X11 is a knockout punch. You should see the print of that '27 La Salle grille. The portraits of Nicholas were fun too.

our own Tom Perkins

24" Petzval

7-May-2008, 18:01
Another Eastman #2 "Improved" here. Besides the 7x11 back, this one came with an 8x10 and a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 back. I'm working on putting together a horizontal-only 7x11 camera because I just don't see vertically with this camera most of the time. And a horizontal-only will save a lot of bulk and weight. I can't estimate a percentage of horizontal vs. vertical composition, but it's going to heavily favor horizontal. But that's just me. YMMV.