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6-May-2008, 11:58

I have been given a Speed Graphics 4x5 in fantastic shape. I am a Medium Format guy and I want to use this body to get into LF. I have read the downsides of Speed Graphics on this forum but it's in my hands and ready to go with just about all I could need.

I am looking for a lens in the 210mm range and would like suggestions on it and a preferred shutter for it. I do landscapes usually around 24-28mm (in 35) and 70-80 (in 35 as well). The camera came with 2 lenses (90 angulon 6.8 and a Rodenstock 127mm). So I'm looking for the 210 (or there abouts) to complete what I normally use.

Maximum DOF and amazing sharpness. Also, price is relative I know and I certainly know I could sell a lens easily if I needed to.


Peter De Smidt
6-May-2008, 21:08
All of the major manufacturers (Fuji, Nikon, Schneider, Rodesnstock) make very good 210mm lenses. Copal, Compur, and Prontor are the best shutters. A 203mm Ektar is also a very good lens, but it's in a less desirable shutter, and it has a weird filter size. On the other hand, they're cheap. In that focal length I have a Fuji W, which I really like, but I've also used the 203 Ektar and a Schneider Symmar-S, both with good results.

Ole Tjugen
6-May-2008, 21:37
With a Speed Graphic, why worry about the shutter?

A Compound #3 shutter is too large to fit on th lens board, so that rules out the f:4.5 shuttered 210's. That leaves barrel lenses, or anything f:5.6 or slower. And guess what: They're all good...

6-May-2008, 22:56
a preferred shutter for it.

Unless you're buying a barrel lens to mount it'll come with a shutter. So this isn't an issue.

Some 210mm are bigger and likely not what you want. Some are tiny and a good match of a smaller 4x5. My light weight 210mm is a Komura Commerical. Not very expensive and won't strain a small camera any.

My bigger one is a Fuji-W. Still not huge but it covers 8x10 so more sought after then the lesser known Komura.

But really plenty of good choices in 210mm.

Ernest Purdum
7-May-2008, 11:02
There are many excellent 210mm lenses available in barrel mount at very low prices. Since you are lucky enough to have one of the few LF cameras with a built-in focal plane shutter, you might want to consider one of them.

7-May-2008, 12:35

You just had to do it. That's it. My head officially exploded. Aspirin, the man needs aspirin.


7-May-2008, 16:41
If I were to look on the big auction site, how would I find "barrel lenses"? Are the what are listed as "enlarger lenses"?

Again, sorry for my ignorance on this. It's my 1st day on the planet.


Kirk Fry
7-May-2008, 23:09
Get one that will allow you fold it up without taking it off the camera (the 203 mm Ektar I think fits). The big plasmats are all a pita with a graphic. K

John Berry
8-May-2008, 22:52
210/5.6 fuji L, or the 203.