View Full Version : with polaroid dead...the large format is also dead?

6-May-2008, 08:56
hello people! i am a lover of large format photography i have read that the polaroid is dead! this step sign a slow dead of large format photography???


David A. Goldfarb
6-May-2008, 09:04
No, there is still film for large format; Kodak, Ilford, Efke, and Foma are all cutting film to custom and ULF sizes; there is still instant film from Fuji in 4x5" and medium format pack sizes, which can be used for proofing and transfers.

6-May-2008, 09:10
I haven't used any Polaroids, and since they seem to be dieing out I guess it's best that I didn't. I've got no less reason to keep shooting :-)

6-May-2008, 09:20
the still film in 8x10 format is more difficult to find?

Bruce Watson
6-May-2008, 09:27
the still film in 8x10 format is more difficult to find?

Nope. It's actually becoming in some ways easier to find. LF film is seeing a small increase in demand, and companies like Kodak, Ilford, and Fuji are continuing to supply that demand.

LF isn't dead and it isn't dying.

Richard Wall
6-May-2008, 10:07
Nobody works with large format because it's easy. It has always been more difficult to find film, enlargers, places to process etc... than working with 35mm or MF. I have been learning to make albumen paper precisely because I like the challenge. I'm sure if they stopped making film many of us would learn to use wet plates. So, when they stopped making Polaroids I never thought I might have to give up LF. I thought what are the alternatives.

Bruce is right. - "LF isn't dead and it isn't dying."


6-May-2008, 10:20
LF id dead -- long live LF!


Dave Parker
6-May-2008, 10:39
hello people! i am a lover of large format photography i have read that the polaroid is dead! this step sign a slow dead of large format photography???


You are wrong.

There are still quite a few emulsions as well as formats available for Large Format photographers.

Have fun.

Ron Marshall
6-May-2008, 10:45
Every time the production of some photo related product ends this type of post appears. They don't stop to consider the new emulsions, cameras etc. that have come to market in recent years.

6-May-2008, 10:56
The demise of Polaroid has more to do with the changing LF market and the company. LF isn't dying, but professional LF *film* use has dropped by a huge amount. Pro's used most of the expensive Polaroid materials because the costs got passed on to clients. Pros are still using LF, but more likely with a digital back these days.

The current owners of Polaroid are cashing in the valuable Boston area real estate occupied by the Polaroid factory. They have no long term business model, other than to liquidate the assets and license the brand until it's worthless.

Gordon Moat
6-May-2008, 11:00
Fuji is stepping in where Polaroid is stepping out, planning to expand supply in North America. While they are investigating other Instant film types, the reality is that individual peel apart films might not be something Fuji want to make. Fuji are also investigating 8x10 Instant films, though they currently do not make any; unless there is a large enough market I doubt they will produce any.

So what you can get from Fuji is pack films that fit the Polaroid 405 and Polaroid 550 holders. Fuji make their own holders too, called the PA-145 and PA-45, matching the Polaroid items stated above. Their instant pack films are ten (10) shots in a pack, and actually quite good quality compared to Polaroid pack films.

What is tougher to do is manipulate Fuji Instant films. Polaroid films were flawed enough that manipulation was easy. Fuji products are well made, so you really need to work to get them to manipulate.

Outside of that, Kodak, Fuji, and Ilford make some very nice regular 4x5 films, and some 8x10 and larger films. You currently have a very wide choice of colour negative, colour transparency, and many varieties of B/W films. Considering how well many of these store at cold temperatures, if some disaster suddenly wiped out the film factories of the world, you would have enough film to buy this year to last you the next ten years. So if you think you want to shoot large format at least the next ten years (or more), then go buy a camera and enjoy.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

6-May-2008, 17:20
If the discussions on this forum are the barometer of LF (which is probably true), the fact is that LF is still quite alive.... and LF getting larger (again)! I'm starting to feel "under-endowed" shooting only 4x5.

6-May-2008, 17:35
On the market perspective, the few survivors will make more money, hence they will stick to this niche longer. Prices may increase, as for any other commodities..

Frank Bagbey
6-May-2008, 17:40
Large format will be dead when I cannot coat my own glass with my own emulsions. How about that?

domenico Foschi
6-May-2008, 17:54
Large format is dead

domenico Foschi
6-May-2008, 17:55
digital is dying as well

6-May-2008, 18:42
Ha-ha! My "1's" still have a bit of life in them, but my "0's" are totally lifeless.

Darcy Cote
6-May-2008, 20:16
There is something about unfolding my field camera with all its character and using it compared to my digital camera which is boring. So if there is a number of freaks out there like me.......