View Full Version : New holders?????

5-May-2008, 16:03
Now that Polaroid has stopped making it's instant 4x5 film I'm curious as to what type of holder and film I should get. I've heard good things about Fuji's pa-145 holder and Polaroids 405 holder seems ok.What do all of you think? I shoot landscapes primarily.

Gordon Moat
5-May-2008, 20:24
Fuji also make a PA-45, which hold their larger pack film. This holder is similar to the old Polaroid 550 pack film holder. I would suggest finding a good used Polaroid holder, though it seems these are going for crazy prices lately.


Gordon Moat Photography

7-May-2008, 15:13
Which holder is fatter the Fuji or the Polaroid? I've heard that the Polaroids are very fat and are sometimes hard to place in the back of a 4x5 field camera.