View Full Version : EXPIRED E-6AR 5 GAL 6 Boxes Buy? Worth?

5-May-2008, 15:26
Expired 2006-02---At Auction -- Is this worth anything to anyone? Should I pick it up if I can? What is a real deal to sell it at? What I can see is Kodak Professional Process E-6AR on all boxes but can only read four boxes = 1- bleach replenisher, 1-color developer repln., 1 - part b, 1- first developer. Thanks for your help - I've done two trips to Katrina land on my own money and am doing this surplus stuff trying to catch up and get back - it's still beyond comprehension particularly in Bay Saint Louis and Waveland Mississippi where landfall :( and the real Hurricane hit although I have served in New Orleans and hope to again. Peas and Grace, Barnabus. Auction ends in a day.

Mark Sampson
6-May-2008, 06:36
Meant for custom photo labs- way too much quantity for a home user. You'd need several other chemicals- starter solutions for the above, final rinse, etc. (the small kits meant for home users are made differently.) It would be a big investment in time and money before you found out if it was any good or not, and that's assuming you know how to run E-6. In other words, 'free' might not be a bargain here.

Gene McCluney
14-May-2008, 12:39
The 5 gal boxes of E-6 components are "far" more economical, if you can use up the material in a reasonable length of time. I operate a 3.5 gallon stainless steel sink-line tank set-up where I manually dip and dunk my rack of film hangers. I normally use the 5 gallon size of concentrates, and only mix up 3.5 gallons fresh, so there is some left in the bottle, and I mix up fresh every 4 weeks or so (I do not replenish, except for bleach). I have never had the concentrates in partially full bottles go bad on me in the month or month and a 1/2 wait time before they get used up in the next mixing. All "pro" E-6 chemical concentrates are sold as individual components of "replenishers" which (in the case of the developers and bleach) need to be mixed with (separately sold) Starters to make working solutions. All the other chemicals can be used as replenishers or working tank solutions by using different dilutions as stated on the mixing instructions on each bottle. You "could" actually mix up just a gallon at a time of working solutions from these large concentrates, by subdividing the bottle contents based on the volume held in the bottle. I have done this for years.