View Full Version : Recessed Lens Boards for Tachihara 4x5

James R. Babb
3-Nov-1997, 08:04
I can't find any mention in the Calumet catalog about recessed lens boards for t he Tachihara/CalumetXM/Osaka 4x5 field. Are these available? Will recessed lensb oards for the Linhof Tech fit for, say, a 55mm Grandagon? And can a recessed lensboard be used reversed for more bellows draw on a 300?? Thanks

QT Luong
3-Nov-1997, 17:34
The tachihara takes lensboards made for the Tech IV and up. With my tachi I was able to use a 58mm lens on a flat board (front base tilt + front axis tilt). Recessed boards tend to be awkward and expensive. Extension boards are a simpler device.

25-Dec-1997, 00:57
I have alway wondered if it would be possible to turn a recessed lensboard around and use it to get additional bellows length for a longer lens. I also have a tachihara, Thanks