View Full Version : Bob Watkins still with us?

Herb Cunningham
5-May-2008, 12:58
Anybody know what or where Bob Watkins of Precision Camera Works is? I have called and sent several emails and got no answers. He has an employee, and she does not return phone messages or emails.

5-May-2008, 13:11
Yep. Same here but they did service my arca-swiss ball head again! I didn't hear from them until they emailed the return tracking numbers.
good luck

Ben Chase
5-May-2008, 13:23
I called them today to find out what the lead time and cost would be for a CLA for my Arca-Swiss B1 (latest edition). I've had it for several years and have never had a reason to send it in, but figured I should at least get it opened up and looked at before I go on my 2 major trips this year.

Can anyone speak to the cost/lead times?

Dave - Landscapes
7-May-2008, 05:57
Herb, Had an email reply from Bob on 29 April to an inquiry I made so he is about. Hope this helps.